Cel Information

The description will include the cel number, what kind of cel it is, and if there is anything that comes with it. Here are some cel terms…

A7= The cel’s sequence number that is placed in a scene. B7 & C7 means there are multi-layers in the cel which are almost always stuck together (This isn’t a bad thing.). A1, B1, etc. are always KEY cels.

KEY= The cel is a key cel created by a key animator. Generally worth more, and are great quality.

END= The cel is an end cel, which is the end of the sequence, it’s also a KEY cel.

OPENING= The cel was used in the opening sequence of the anime. These are rare, great quality, and are worth a lot.

BANK= The cel was used over and over for multiple scenes; like a Sailor Moon transformation. These are generally worth a lot.

MOVIE= The cel was used in a movie. Worth more and normally bigger.

OVERSIZED= Cel is bigger than most cels. This could be width or length.

PAN= The cel was used in a pan shot. BIG!

Matching Sketch= The cel has a matching sketch. If stuck, it will be mentioned. There are sometimes a few sketches per cel, especially those that have more than one layer. (Partial= Partial Sketch) (Stuck= Sketch is stuck to the cel)

Sketch= The cel has a sketch but it doesn’t match perfectly with sequence number.

GENGA= Genga, a master sketch done by a master animator.

Background= Background included! Hard to get most of the time as only one background is used for the sequence.

NFS= Not For Sale (Unless you can make an offer I can’t refuse.)

F.A.Q. or What will probably be asked in the future…

Q: What do you go by when pricing your cels?

A: There are many things I go by when pricing my cels. Here are some examples…

  • If the eyes are open it’s worth more, but also depends on the scene and my personal taste.
  • Main characters, or a favorite character is worth more. EX: Lina is worth more than Amelia in the Slayers series.
  • Condition of the cel. If it is stuck to the sketch then it is worth a little less. (I will mention this!)
  • Features are a key role too. What the character is doing, facial expressions, etc. Again, taste is a key factor!
  • Overall, you get what you pay for, and sometimes it can be expensive.
  • Key cels, opening cels, backgrounds, etc. makes a huge difference in price!
  • If I like the cel, the price is higher. This means that it will take that much money to make me let it go.

Q: Why do some cels have a darker tint? Are they dirty?

A: NO! The darker tint is due to multiple layers. Light can’t pass through them as easy, so these cels appear darker than others. Also, some cels do have little specks and minor dust, etc. This is perfectly normal with cels, especially older ones. You really can’t tell unless you hold it up to a bright light. When framed, it’s almost impossible to tell. There also may be some line fading. This is normal as well.